The Star Wars Trivia

The Gooey Bomb is a bomb that adheres to most things. It's an explosive encased in a gummy goo. It's a little different from a Motion Sensing Bomb in the sense that it can attach itself not only to the terrain, but also to opponents

So what is Game & Watch, exactly? Well, the Game & Watch series was made up of handheld electronic games that Nintendo began releasing in 1980. Over 12 million were sold in Japan alone, creating a huge boom. New games in the series continued to be released even after the Super NES was launched in 1991.

Created by: Costa

  1. How many children does Senator Bail Organa have?
  2. What species comes up with the designs for the Death Star?
  3. What is Rwookrrorro?
  4. What is the name of the most recently anointed Sith Lord? (including in the books)
  5. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a Faleen?
  6. What species of alien is similar to that of Star Trek's "Borg" species?
  7. Who is the first human of the expedition group in Return of the Jedi that Wicket meets?
  8. What simple mathematical expression does Obi-Wan recite in Episode 3 before saying, "We're in the atmosphere"?
  9. Who kills Roan Shryne?
  10. What planet is Whie from?
  11. What is common about Darth Vader and Darth Caedus?
  12. Who is the only Jedi to always weild 2 lightsaqbers?
  13. What species is General Greivous?
  14. According to C-3P0, waht are the odds of survivng in an asteroid field?
  15. Who is the leader of the Killiks?

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