Star Wars B. A. quiz

There are many people that like Star Wars but this quiz seperates the masters from the apprentices. these questions are not as hard as trying to solve a rubix cube for you poones that can't solve one

Is Star Wars your thing? Maybe not but if you like it go ahead and take this quiz. Your mind might be blown or this could all be old information to you but this is worth taking so just take it already.

Created by: john

  1. who is the biggest pimp in the star wars movies
  2. what would u b
  3. would u wear a cape
  4. what would yur ride b
  5. who is the best sith lord
  6. what would be your signature force power
  7. which is the best star wars movie
  8. what was the second name of Return of the Jedi
  9. who is the voice of Darth Vader
  10. What did David Prowse (the man in the vader suit) say to Mark Hamill after he cuts off Lukes hand

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