Would you survive an alien invasion?

There will come a time on this earth when an army will come to this planet looking to colonize it and exterminate it's local indigenous population. How well can you defend our planet?

Oh my sweet potatoes! We are being invaded by an armada of aliens! We just need you to see how well you can help defend our beloved planet. Are you fit to command a bunch of hobos with shotguns?

Created by: PotatoMan
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  1. You see an alien armada hovering around your area. What would you do?
  2. Aliens are taking your area. Where would you do?
  3. What's your weapon of choice for fighting aliens who die like any man?
  4. You and your team have captured some aliens. What would you do with them?
  5. You and your team find an old car park. Which car would you choose for traveling to a safe zone?
  6. What would a good, defensible area be?
  7. How many people would be in your "team"?
  8. You and your team have dug a trench in a circle on a flat land. The aliens then attack your heavily armed, thousand-round trench with an army ten times your size with shotguns and meat cleavers. What do you do?
  9. You are low on rations after a battle with corpses of both sides everywhere. What do you eat?
  10. You find an old army base. What is first on your priority list?

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