How Long Would You Survive Marooned On An Alien Planet?

How would you fare in an alien environment? Would you even survive, let alone escape? What if you had to interact with (possibly dangerous) alien species native to the planet, whereas you couldn't even tell which plants and animals were edible? Would you survive?

You are a passenger aboard a starship heading for [insert system name here] when the captain issues a red alert to the entire vessel; the ship is critically damaged and is on a crash course with a medium-sized planet. Estimated survivors are NONE. Escape pods are going quickly, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to get to one on time. What do you do? Once again, could you survive a crash and alien planet? Are there even other people out there?

Created by: Vatz
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  1. The starship you have booked passage on goes into emergency status and the captain tells his passengers that they will be making a crash landing. What do you do?
  2. You wake up to find that you are the only survivor of the ship/your lifepod that crashed on a mountain on a planet with a breathable atmosphere and potentially edible plant life. What do you do first?
  3. Assuming that you go down the mountain side, you come across a river with several amphibious and aquatic life-forms around it. Some of the alien fauna look dangerous, but you are out of water and need a drink and canteen refill. What do you do?
  4. (Assuming you survive the previous encounter): You come across a doomed patrol/rescue team/expidition some time later. The corpses have weapons and supplies, however a scavenging alien trader/soldier/explorer has already arrived and is taking the supplies. You:
  5. You have made contact with a sentient alien (possibly one from a previous question). They seem hesitant and cautious, and occasionally glance behind themselves and then back at you.
  6. You have managed to find a cache of weapons, however you can only carry two weapons. What would they be?
  7. If you had to choose between supplies because you cannot carry all of the supplies you have gathered so far, which ONE item would you take with you?
  8. The same situation as above, only this time, assume you can carry all BUT one item. In this case, which would you leave behind?
  9. You have encountered hostile enemy forces who are blocking a pass you need to get through. How do you proceed?
  10. You meet another survivor (of a different crash). He/she/it offers to team up and find a methods of escape together.
  11. You encounter a (seemingly) friendly alien. He/she offers to show you a way to a possible escape route. You:
  12. At long last, you (and, if applicable, your group), have found an old ship that looks, at least on the exterior, to be space worthy. However, it is seemingly abandoned and in need of internal repairs. What do you do?
  13. Finally, some personal questions. First one: Do you have any experience with firearms?
  14. What is your physical condition?
  15. How knowlegable are you in mechanics?
  16. Electronics?
  17. Do you know the basics of how to survive in the wilderness?
  18. Can you kill, skin, cook, and safely dispose of small game animals in order to feed yourself/other people?
  19. Finally, what is the first important rule when lost

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