The Planet Quiz

Have you been to The Planet? Do you even know what it is? Are you a myspace friend? Merar was one day sitting at work and wondered "How many people actually know who we are?" and thus a light bulb was abover her head and said "let's test them!!"

Well then come and test your knowledge of Planet leaders and other random stuff in our quiz! If you've been to the planet at least once, if you've had a conversation with any of us...I'm sure you can answer these questions...

Created by: Merari of this site
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  1. What's the name of the planet used in our logo...
  2. Who is the youngest Planet "commander" (leader)
  3. Which Planet leader did swimming in high school?
  4. Which Planet Leader was jumping on a table at church, fell, and got a black eye?
  5. What does Cathy go to school?
  6. Which Planet Leader is the only boy in their family?
  7. Which Planet leaders are the youngest in their family?
  8. What Colors are the main room where The Planet meets?
  9. What sign is right behind the toilet in the boys bathroom?
  10. In the back of office, by the counter and there a sink?
  11. How ols is the Planet?

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