Which planet are you most like?

Anyone ever tell you that you belong on another planet? How about that you are from another planet? If you take this quiz, the next time someone asks you one of those questions, you can answer AND give a reason why :)

So aren't you curious? At all? Don't you wanna know which planet you are most like? With just a few minutes of your time and just a few questions, you will be done and have you answer! Good luck and enjoy the quiz! Oh, and when you are done, please leave comments and rate...I'm just curious to see what you guys think! Thanks, and again please enjoy!

Created by: aszand_58
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  1. It's getting warmer :) Are you looking for a spring fling or new spring clothes?
  2. Are you the bud who plans parties, or do you just show up and have fun?
  3. Is your Buddy List a mile long, or is it just a few of your closest friends?
  4. When you have a crush, is he on your mind 24/7 or just some of the time?
  5. You're invited to a huge party! Are you more excited to see who's there, or what everyone is wearing?
  6. You just overheard some really, really juicy gossip. Do you try to keep it a secret?
  7. Would you rather become an entertainment reporter or the President of the United States?
  8. Online, do you spend more time chatting on IM or surfing the web?
  9. Have your friends ever told you that you can be kinda moody?
  10. For you, is going the the mall all about clothes, or just hanging out with your friends?
  11. On American Idol, would you rather be the judge or the contestant?

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Quiz topic: Which planet am I most like?