Could you survive?

How much can you live through? Can you survive tough situations? Do you know how to cook soup? ? ?

Are you a wimp, a normal person, or a brave hero? COULD YOU SURVIVE IF THE WORLD BLEW UP??? Or, will you just die because you just left that stupid soup in the can before cooking it?

Created by: The Person
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  1. First situation: Your house is on fire, and you're the only person in it. What do you do?
  2. Situation 2: Zombies are taking over the world and you're the last survivor. What do you?
  3. Here's a true or false question: It's safe to cook metal cans in the microwave.
  4. Next situation: Your car breaks down on the freeway (right in the middle of the road).
  5. What are your mornings usually like?
  6. Why did you answer what you did on the last question?
  7. Do you like soup?
  8. Ever been on any roller coasters?
  9. Okay, lets say you're on a roller coaster in the middle of an upside-down loop and it breaks down. How do you deal with it?
  10. Okay, the quiz is over.

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