Could you survive the end of the world?

This is to see if you could survive the end of the world please try it can't say you will survive though good bloody freakin' luck i belive i just chalenged you

This is to see if you could survive the end of the world please try it. it is mainly just for gigles and laughs good luck with actualy surviving the end

Created by: James
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  1. You receive news that a comet is on an impact course with Earth. What do you do?
  2. You learn that a local volcano is extremly close to exploding what now?
  3. Sismologist predict all of the fault lines are about to shift,causing an eartquake,What now?
  4. Tsumamis are closing in on all coasts.
  5. The comet will hit in 72hours,3 days,and there is only one safe spot.A family asks you to take them their.What do you do?
  6. You get to the safe spot and discover it is famlies only,What now?
  7. You are allowed in but dicover that it is mandated to either join the miltary or join the science group,Who do you join?
  8. 48 hours till the comet hits and the military has launched a missile at the comet,but they missed and the laser needs 72hours of work done on it
  9. 2 more questions how would you take care of the comet,the comet is twice the size of EARTH,
  10. Last question your dead.

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