Quiz of Olympus

This quiz is to test what people know about the old greek myths, it's to see if you conquer the climb up Olympus, To solve the riddles of Gaia, and to take your seat on the throne of wisdom

Do YOU think you've got what it takes to climb the mountain of power, solve the riddles of wisdom, conquer the labyrinth of adversity,and take you're rightful place in the throne room of Olympus,then get ready to find out.

Created by: alexander owens
  1. Who is mother earth in the myths?
  2. Who were the gods known as the big three?
  3. Who was the first child of Cronos
  4. Who is Athena's mother?
  5. Who were the gods that fought in the Titan War?
  6. Who is god of thunderstorms?
  7. Who is the god of thieves?
  8. Who is god of the underworld?
  9. Who is the god of the seas?
  10. Who is the godess of agriculture?
  11. Who is the god of war?
  12. Who is the god of wine?
  13. Who is godess of the hunt?
  14. Who is the smith god?
  15. Who is the god of the sun?
  16. Who is god of the wild?
  17. Who is the goddess of wisdom?
  18. Who is the goddess of marriage?
  19. Who is the goddess of revenge?
  20. Who is the god of fire?
  21. Who is the goddess of love?
  22. Okay FINAL QUESTION If I could controll anything what would it be?

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