How Old-Fashioned are you?

Some people may tell you to 'stick with the times', or, 'stop living in the past'. But do you truly do that? Are you really old-fashioned, or are you modern?

Until now you could just wonder. But now, if you take this short, easy, quiz, you can find out in a matter of minutes! Are you old-fashioned or modern? Find out now!!

Created by: Fallout3

  1. Do you own an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Kindell, Xbox, or Wii?
  2. Do you understand "text talk"? Ex: ttyl, omg, lol, rolf, etc.
  3. Do you find tattoos and piercings immoral?
  4. Does technology confuse you?
  5. Do you think that women who wear shorts or tank tops are 'trashy'?
  6. Do you like rap music?
  7. Do you keep up with the latest things, ex: singers, bands, clothing?
  8. Do you think divorce is wrong?
  9. Are you prejudiced against different races?
  10. Do you think cussing is okay?

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Quiz topic: How Old-Fashioned am I?