What birthstone do you have

The modern birthstone chart has existed since the beginning of the 20th Century. This model is the official chart for the United States, and has been modeled on other birthstone systems that have existed across history. By using your own birthstone within you beaded jewelry, you can capture and contain the powers that it promises.

Most birthstones are able to be purchased cheaply. They are fashioned into beads or chips with holes in them for stringing. For those like the diamond or pearl that are quite expensive, you can use faux stones to create the look. Using different beads that are the color of your birthstone won't provide you with the stones mystical properties or protections. But it can still be nice to use the colors of your birthstone within a jewelry piece you have made to add a personal touch!

Created by: Anna Awesomepants
  1. Were you born in January
  2. Were you born in February
  3. Were you born in March
  4. Were you born in April
  5. Were you born in May
  6. Were you born in June
  7. Were you born in July
  8. Were you born in August
  9. Were you born in September or October
  10. Were you born in November or December

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Quiz topic: What birthstone do I have