Which Stone Matches Your Personality?

Everyone has a birthstone. Yours is supposed to match your personality, but does it? In reality, it probably won't, but who knows? You and your birthstone could be a perfect match, but probably not.

Well, if YOUR birthstone doesn't match your personality, then which one does? Is it the Sapphire? Pearl? That question only lingers in your mind until now, thanks to the marvelous quiz me and my friends have stirred up. Now you can take this quiz and find out in only a few short minutes!

Created by: the_new_girl
  1. Your sister trips and hurts her knee on the sidewalk. What do you do?
  2. Are you courageous?
  3. Which occupation would you rather take on?
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. What month were you born in?
  6. Do you know what the bloodstone is?
  7. Which one of these is your birthstone?
  8. Would you consider yourself in good health?
  9. You steal $20 from your brother's room. What do you do when he comes to your room and confronts you?
  10. Which is your dream vacation?

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Quiz topic: Which Stone Matches my Personality?