Test your knowledge on talking dolls

Welcome to the fascinating world of talking dolls! Believe it or not, talking dolls have existed for centuries. There are many, many vintage talking dolls out there, all waiting to be found and discovered!

Are you a collector or restorer of talking dolls? Maybe just an enthusiast? Grab a screwdriver and four AA batteries, and test your knowledge here, in this quiz created for talking doll enthusiasts every where.

Created by: VisualFetish
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  1. This is the second edition of this quiz. Good luck! What year was Original Furby released?
  2. The first talking doll in recorded history was:
  3. Talking dolls didn't exist until the 1960's. True or false?
  4. Chatty Cathy was made by which company?
  5. Teddy Ruxpin was released in what year?
  6. Worlds of Wonder's last talking toy was:
  7. What is an Ozen?
  8. Did the original Chatty Cathy have interchangable records?
  9. Which doll was the first in Playmates Toys' Amazing doll line?
  10. Cricket and Corky can connect to each other. True or False?
  11. Which Worlds of Wonder talking doll did NOT have it's own cassette player?
  12. Which talking doll did Mattel NOT make?
  13. What was Mae Starr's voicebox type?
  14. Now, for some personal questions. Do you or have you collected talking dolls?
  15. Do you or have you repaired talking dolls?
  16. Do you speak Furbish, or the dialects spoken by knockoffs of the Furby toy?

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