Which Stardoll Famous Doll Will You Be Like?

In Dollywood there are a lot of famous dolls. Today everyone with a talent can be well know in this world. But there are few types of famous dolls here, and this quiz has selected 10 that are different one another.

So you'll see and discover which famous doll you'll most look like in 1 one year or more! It'll certainly reflects your future stardoll projects that will look like the ones these famous dolls made before.

Created by: LadyGaGaMcQueen
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you work on your home works, you're like...
  2. Your style is like :
  3. Hanging out with friends, you're like :
  4. In a party :
  5. How many close friends you really like to talk wit on stardoll :
  6. Your suite is:
  7. Your talent is :
  8. You're most :
  9. When you apply to a modeling opportunity :
  10. Being a writer for you means :
  11. Your graphics are :
  12. On your iPod the record you're always listen is from :
  13. Your best friend writes for...
  14. What kind of blog do you like to read, and you'd like to own?
  15. In stardoll you reveal :
  16. Your MeDoll looks :
  17. How need to be your best friend?

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Quiz topic: Which Stardoll Famous Doll will I Be Like?