Astonishing Celebrities

Nowadays there are many people who are famous for nothing. Look in any copy of Hello!, National Enquirer or OK magazine. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? What did they ever do to merit having their ugly physogs plastered over all the magazine stands?

However once upon a time, in a world long forgotten, there existed really clever people who could not only do amazing things for which they were very famous, but also did other things which are less well known. Let's see if you can work it out...

Created by: Fidofelix

  1. Which scientist and mathematician invented the cat flap?
  2. Which celebrated novelist created the famous English red pillar box?
  3. Which revolutionary US statesman invented the lightning conductor and bifocal spectacles?
  4. Which guitarist invented multiple track recording?
  5. Which English monarch composed Greensleeves?
  6. Which English Prime Minister won the Nobel Prize for Literature?
  7. Which Hollywood actress and screen beauty invented the communications system upon which all wifi, mobile phone, radio-guided torpedoes and bluetooth technologies are based?
  8. Which US President invented the swivel chair?
  9. Which Greek hero of the Trojan War invented dice?
  10. Which Pope invented the calendar as used by most people on earth today?

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