Would you survive a tailsdoll attack

OK! Lets say you have a little sister or brother that has the most creepiest doll in the world. Lets say that doll is tails doll .How do you get rid of it? By taking this quiz of course!

OK! I knew it! You do have tails doll. OK so tails doll loved baths and hates dogs so if you own a dog you are OK to live on with your live... unless he steels your soul!

Created by: MollytheDoll

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  1. So you moved into a old house on a hill and hear a noise in the attic! What do you do?
  2. There is two red glowing eyes and it moved slowly out the door of the attic
  3. There is two red glowing eyes and it moved slowly out the door of the attic
  4. Tails doll comes out and sings "I am a creepy doll! I will come after you! I will kill you some day! yes,I mean....YOU!"
  5. You ignore him and go to bed. You get up early to go shopping! You go to a store with a strange old man with a wondering eye and a withered hand. What do you say to the man!
  6. When he hands you a old wooden box you can hear his old bones creaking! When you look at the box you think you might know whats inside it. Some one has carved your name on the silver key! What do you think its inside it?
  7. Tails doll pops out and yells " I am the creepy doll! I did waaarrn you! To get outa my house! Or I will kill you!" You
  8. When you leave the house the doll is waiting out for you!
  9. When you fix a snack the doll says "Hey I want one too!"
  10. The doll is in your house in your room and in your bed!
  11. The doll is in your eyes in your mind and in your head!
  12. So you are being so annoyed with him that you just can't sleep. You get out of bed to make your self some tea!What type of tea do you get
  13. You put honey in your tea and the doll asked"Do you really need that much honey!?" What are you think of?
  14. You decide you have had enough you throw the doll in a wooden box! What do you do with the box
  15. Done

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