Zombie Nation: Would You Survive? part 2

Many people say, I'll survive this or that. Alot say I'll survive a zombie attack, but will most likely die in the end. Anyone can die in an attack really, but it's the high and mighty ones that run a big risk.

It's time to find out if you'll survive. Take this quiz and see. If you are high and mighty, we'll see if you will survive, or ultimately die in an attack.

Created by: Keaton Johnson

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  1. First of all, how do you kill a zombie?
  2. What is the best kind of transportation when traveling in Zombie Nation?
  3. Which is the best method of travel in zombie Nation?
  4. Which is the best weapon when fighting a single zombie in an infested zone?
  5. What should you do before going into a room that hasn't been searched?
  6. Theoretical Question: You best friend just got bit by a zombie and is about to die and turn, what should you do?
  7. Your in a gun store and there is every kind of gun in the world around you, a zombie is about to bust in, what should you do? (can't hit the zombie because most guns don't have metal at the butt of the gun anymore)
  8. What is the first 3 steps when defending a two story home?( In order)
  9. What should you have while traveling/staying somewhere in zombie nation?(considering you have your supplies)
  10. You just got bit by a zombie, what will you do?
  11. You wake up and your dead neighbor is attacking you in your bed, what do you do? (no weapon)
  12. How should you correctly dispose of a zombie body?
  13. If you burn a zombie body does it send up a cloud of the zombie virus into the air creating more zombies?
  14. What is the correct term for the zombie virus?(none will have a negative effect on your score, but only one will give you points)
  15. What should you be aware of in a zombie attack?
  16. When a zombie attack happens it is smart to get to the car and take off before they get to you.
  17. How do you get the zombie virus.

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