Would You Survive a Terroist Attack?

Thsi isn't about games, or smarts, or athletic experience. This is based off real facts and real things. If you're an armed force member, you might get a good grade.

Can you survive an attack? Just try to imagine that this happens, be honest, and don't lie. Not all these are about plans, but survival, wits, and gun know how.

Created by: Anakin Siegel

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  1. How would you cope with a bombing?
  2. Do you have any guns? (not airsoft or paintball, must function, and are in the possiesion of ammo)
  3. Do you know any Martial-Arts?
  4. Do you have any friends or reletives in armed forces?
  5. Theoretical: You are a hostage. What do you do.
  6. Fact: Slapping on both side of the head at the same time disoreants opponent.
  7. Theoretical: You have one bullet, a Colt .45, and a thing of gasoline. What do you do?
  8. And a Colt .45 is...
  9. Would you cooparate with a terriost?
  10. Last question: Would you drive?

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