would you survive an affenpinscher attack?

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"The mighty Affenpinscher.What is it? Is it some kind of sinister creature that waits for the unsuspecting,or is it your neighbor's pet? If you're not sure which one it is,you could be in for a suprise at the end of this Quiz!"

Do you have what it takes to survive an attack of the mighty affenpinscher? Or are you in danger of being it's next victim? Test your knowlegde of this formidable creature to see if you really could survive. Good luck!

Created by: em

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  1. do you know what a affenpinscher is?
  2. what happens if a affenpinscher bites you?
  3. what would you do if you were surrounded by angry evil affenpinschers?
  4. who would you want with you during a affenpinscher attack
  5. what is oneof the affenpinschers weaknesses?
  6. what weapon, if any, would you want in case of an affenpinscher attack?
  7. what color(s) do affenpinchers come in?
  8. have you figured out what an affenpinscher is yet?
  9. what is an affenpinschers favorite food?
  10. how much does an affenpinscher weigh?
  11. do you think i have a pet affenpinscher?
  12. if some random person asked you if you wanted an affenpinscher would you say yes?
  13. did you think this quiz was fun or extremely boring?

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