Will you survive a Sci-Fi like attack

There are a lot of sci fi people who survive great attacks are you ,one well if you are then you will ace this test (if not sorry). I hope you do well good luck.

So you think you are a science fiction genius. Well it seems like you want a challenge. Try this great quiz and lets test your "skillz" bro. I hope you DON'T break a leg.

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  1. would you watch star trek of star wars
  2. would you you have all x men powers or all fantastic four powers
  3. Do you have a plan for a zombie apocalypse?
  4. How much food and water do you have
  5. You look out your window and find a neighbor coming towards your house asking for help. He/She seems to be okay except for his/her head is bleeding. You can't tell if he/she is scratched or bitten, what do you do?
  6. Spaceships come down onto the Earth, firing lasers, and death rays into cities. What's your first reaction.
  7. While walking through a forest you see one of the ships, it's landed on the ground one alien comes out, it hasn't spotted you yet.
  8. You and your group get teleported onto the mothership, the alien leader wishes to talk with you. What do you say
  9. The alien leader triggers the motherships self-destruct program. You have 5 minutes to get off the ship. What do you do?
  10. While your running through the mothership you find where they keep the prisoners, you see 5 humans trapped in cells. With 4 minutes left before the ship explodes. What do you do?
  11. You and your group find the escape pods, but theirs not enough for all of you. One person as to stay behind on the ship and be blown up. With 2 minutes left. What do you do?
  12. You stay behind on the mothership, you watch as the escape pods fly down toward the Earth. With one minute until the ship explodes. What is going through your mind?
  13. With 30 seconds left before the ship is destroyed. Suddenly you get teleported from the mothership to the Earth, your standing in a field in the middle of nowhere. Looking up you can see the mothership, you watch as it explodes. What do you think caused you to teleport?
  14. You hear reports of gangs of people in a nearby city attacking people and eating them. Do you:
  15. Tensions are rising between China and America. The Chinese have recently threatened that is Americas doesn't stop supporting the Taiwanese revolution, China will launch a tactical nuclear strike against America and other NATO countries. Do you?
  16. The apocalypse is here. Aliens, zombies or monsters are devastating the country, there's panicking in the countryside, rioting in the cities and chaos everywhere. What's your ideal mode of transport?
  17. You're driving out of a zombie infested city when you come across a teenage girl trapped on the roof of a small building. Do you:
  18. Twenty years after the apocalypse, society has formed itself back into small settlements and towns. What do you see yourself as in this harsh new world?
  19. Your home/haven is on fire. Mutants/zombies are surrounding the house, breaking through the windows and seeking out those inside. You and your wife are struggling to get out of a window. You're outside, but she's gotten stuck, and zombies are coming around
  20. who would win hulk or shazam
  21. superman vs thor
  22. avengers vs x men vs fantastic four vs star wars vs star trek vs justice league
  23. Do you think you did good

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a Sci-Fi like attack