The Cheese Puff Attack!

You all have eaten cheese puffs before, right? Well what would happen if they grew to a giant size, and started eating people? Would you survive? Would you be able to stop them? Could you even last one day? Well, you'll never know until you take this quiz. This information could save your life someday, so pay attention!

This quiz is very hard because it is based on my personality. You most likely will fail, but just have fun with it. If you do survive, you are awesome!

Created by: Skuldak7
  1. You are walking down the street, when suddenly, a giant Cheese Puff pops up out of nowhere and jumps at you!
  2. The Cheese Puff stops and says: "We have come to take over your world pitiful humans!" Suddenly, a thousand more cheese puffs appear!
  3. You are just about to jump into action, when yor friend walks up. A huge cheese puff jumps forward and eats him/her in one bite!
  4. Just as the cheese puffs were about to attack, a random hobo pops up and shoots one with his shotgun! The rest of the cheese puffs eat him. What do you do?
  5. You manage to escape the cheese puffs, but them've destroyed your city! All the phone lines are dead, but you find a cell phone. Who do you call?
  6. You come to your senses and call the army. After being on hold for five hours, the person on the phone says: "There's nothing we can do."
  7. The cheese puffs are chasing you! There's a billion foot drop in between you and safety. The enemy is approching fast!
  8. You managed to escape, but the cheese puffs are not far behind. What do you do?
  9. The army finally calls you back. They say: "Sorry we couldn't help you before! We were on lunch break. We can pick you up at 12:00"
  10. It's 11:30, and you are running down the street. You see a baby sitting in some rubble. What do you do?
  11. You decide to take the baby. As you are running, it looks up at you and turns into a cheese puff! You....
  12. You finally make it to the pickup spot, but no helicopter! What now?
  13. Still no heli, and the cheese puffs have arrived! They outnumber you a million to one. You are trapt in a corner. What do you do now!?
  14. You decide to give up. However, you accidently drop the nuke, and it explodes! You manage to survive, and all the cheese puffs are gone!
  15. The heli finally arrives, but right as it is about to land, the king of the cheese puffs pops up with a loaded RPG! He shoots the heli, and it crashes, blowing up. What now?
  16. You pull the trigger on the machine gun, but it's out of ammo! The king cheese puff raises his RPG, when there is a loud crack, and he falls over!
  17. You can't believe your eyes! It's the baby! He pulls off a mask to reviel he's really Justin Bieber!
  18. After you clean up the mess (you shot Bieber) you walk to the army base and get help. You survived. But, outside the barb wire fence, a pretzal wearing a trench coat readys his sniper rifle. To be continued.......

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