Independence Day! Can you survive?

I'm sure you've wondered if us humans are alone in the universe. Turns out, we're not! That's why Independence Day was made. It's about when an alien mothership launches smaller spacecraft to destroy our cities. Almost no one in the invaded cities survived

The main question is, will YOU survive when ET's evil relatives come to steal our natural resources? You don't know, don't you. But, after you take this quiz, you will.

Created by: Luke Brown
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  1. You see an alien spaceship. What's your reaction?
  2. So,you work at SETI in New Mexico. You hear the sound of the aliens. What is your first reaction
  3. So now you're at Space Command. You receive info on the signal. What do you do?
  4. So you live in one of the cities that have an imminent alien invasion. You hear it on TV. What's your reaction
  5. You are the president. You know all about the aliens. What do you think is the best for the US
  6. The president ordered an immediate evacuation. Which way do you wanna go
  7. So you're trying to evacuate. You notice the fireball behind you. What you do think is best
  8. So you survived the alien attack on your city, but you are hurt. What do you do?
  9. So you steal an abandoned vehicle. Where do you drive?
  10. The president asks for pilots. Do you want to be one?
  11. You're the one who shot the first missile after the shields were disabled. What to you do?
  12. So now you're Captain Steve Hiller of the US Marine Corps. Do you want to fly the alien spacecraft towards the mothership to save the world?
  13. Hooray! You saved the world! After you crash and they find you, what do you do.

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