What War of Irish Independence character are you?

This is a quiz designed to figure out where you may have stood in the War for Irish Independence. There were some that supported the English, some who wanted independence, and some who were in between.

I am a world history teacher. This quiz is not meant to reflect exactly the views, but rather to give a vague idea of where students stand on the issues. This will be an introductory exercise for class activities dealing with independence.

Created by: Meiris
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  1. Someone wants to beat you up, do you:
  2. A police officer accuses you of stealing when you didn’t, do you:
  3. To run a country...
  4. In a classroom...
  5. When your parents disagree with you, do you:
  6. Native Americans want their country back, do you:
  7. If a gang from your neighborhood killed one of your friends, would you:
  8. Murder,
  9. War,
  10. Guns....

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Quiz topic: What War of Irish Independence character am I?