Do you know your Irish culture?

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Ireland is a place rich in it's own unique history and culture. However, it is too often lumped together with the United Kingdom and Scotland especially.

Do you know what's Irish and what isn't? Can you separate truth from stereotype? Find out here. But be warned, it might be harder than you first expect.

Created by: Nick
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  1. What is name the first official language of Ireland?
  2. What are the colors of the Irish flag?
  3. What is Ireland's national anthem?
  4. When did Ireland declare its independence?
  5. Was Britain's rule of Ireland a good thing for the country?
  6. Where is Gaeilge still commonly spoken?
  7. Traditionally, how many counties exist in Ireland?
  8. What religion is most observed in Ireland?
  9. What are the 5 major cities in Ireland?
  10. What are the two national sports of Ireland?
  11. Are your ancestors Irish?
  12. Why is there a stereotype of the Irish loving potatoes?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Irish culture?