would you survive a zombie apoclipse?

will you survive a zombie apocalypse? maybe, maybe not. find out here! make sure you put what your score was in the comments. I wish u all good luck!!

you can do it. if you will survive let me know. I only sent to you great luck. oh and watch a zombie show called 'the walking dead' if you love zombies as much as I do!!

Created by: horselover226
  1. where would you hide?
  2. what animal would you take with you?
  3. would you bring people with you like a pack?
  4. what would you want to live for?
  5. what would you do for fun?
  6. what weapon would you choose?
  7. what would you do for exercise?
  8. who would you save?
  9. what electronic would you take with you?
  10. would you fall in love?
  11. do you think you will survive?

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