Which Attack on Titan Character are You?

If you clicked on this quiz, I'm assuming you like Attack on Titan, yes? Or at least, you most likely know what it is. If not, it's an anime and manga series following the adventures of some plucky young soldiers trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic universe.

Ever wondered what character you most resemble from the series? Well, if you required that description, most likely not, But you should start wondering! Take this poorly-introduced quiz to find out.

Created by: KilljoyMonochrome
  1. Which of these do you identify as?
  2. What is a trait you can't stand in others?
  3. What is a trait you value in others?
  4. What is your best trait?
  5. In general, do you believe you are a good person?
  6. Do you have many friends?
  7. It's a rainy day and you're stuck home alone. What are you going to do?
  8. Which of these is your favorite classic novel?
  9. What were you like as a kid?
  10. Someone you don't like calls you a foot-licking half-eaten meatball. What do you do?
  11. What sort of dog do you have, or what sort do you have?
  12. Tell me I'm pretty.
  13. What is your self-confidence level?
  14. You awake in a strange, secluded garden with a magical aura. Wow! What do you investigate first?

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Quiz topic: Which Attack on Titan Character am I?