how Much Do You Know About Attack On Titan?

Hey you! Pssst... Are you an Attack on Titan fan? Well this here, is a quiz for you! Try it for fun or give your friend to try it. Most- I mean all of the questions are based on the anime (from what I know).

Welcome to this Shingeki no Kyojin (aka Attack on Titan quiz) !! Be sure you've watched/read about this before trying the quiz. But you can always try this one for fun.

Created by: VeryViolentGamer
  1. What is the name of the person who saves Mikasa and Eren at the start of the first few episodes? (I mean the guard that carries them away)
  2. Here's a riddle for you about this... What Mikasa has, That Eren Doesn't, The thing she wears around her neck, wasn't hers (in the first place).
  3. Who is the first female titan shifter?
  4. What is the gear they use called (the one with grappling hooks)?
  5. Two words: Levi Rivaille. More words:brief Life Story.
  6. What are the blades (the ones they use to kill the titans) made of?
  7. How many years of training do you have to endure to become a soldier of the Military Police/ Scout Regiment?
  8. Armin is not good at physical things. If he's not good at that, then what is he good at?
  9. The wings in the Scout Regiment's cape... What are they called?
  10. Mikasa doesn't care for anything else but... What?
  11. Okay, simple quezzion (question) What year did the fall of Shiganshina happen?
  12. What are the three wall's name's?
  13. What colors are in the Wings of Freedom?
  14. Where is the Titan's 'weak spot'?
  15. Hi... Did you enjoy this quiz? (does not affect answer).

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Attack On Titan?