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Good day, ladies, gentlemen, and those who fit into other categories. Since you clicked on this quiz and have the intent of taking it, I am going to assume that you're familiar with Attack on Titan. But are you as huge of a fan as you think you are?

Take this quiz to find out! It's a combination of common knowledge and finer details and should appraise your preoccupation with fair accuracy. Don't get lost, and please don't die during the duration of this quiz. God luck; I'll see you on the other side.

Created by: KilljoyRainbow
  1. Who are the protagonists of this series?
  2. Are Eren and Mikasa related?
  3. In the manga, what is the name of the soldier who perishes and whose arm is gifted to their mother?
  4. What is the name of the Survey Corps soldier who escapes the decimation of their squadron and records their unusual adventures in a notebook?
  5. What is Zoe's gender, officially?
  6. What does Eren carry on his person, much like his father always did?
  7. What became of Mikasa's parents?
  8. It is an axiom of many that Jean resembles which creature?
  9. What did Historia offer an exhausted Sasha after a difficult first day of training?
  10. Ilse Lengnar has an interesting encounter with a titan. What does this titan do?
  11. What were Mikasa and Eren doing at the very beginning of the series?
  12. What is an unusual quirk attributed to Levi?
  13. What is more or less the first thing Mikasa said to Jean?
  14. With which weapon is Sasha especially proficient in?
  15. Who, in their youth, accompanied Levi into the Corps and viewed him as a brother?
  16. Zoe's (IRL) inspiration for the names of Sonny and Bean was...?
  17. Who is technically not actually human?
  18. How did Hange and Levi meet?
  19. Where does Marco hail from?
  20. What is Mikasa's namesake?
  21. What does Eren's surname mean? (Auf Deutsch, of course)
  22. Why was Eren's father absent during the fall of the wall?
  23. Who was originally the commander of the Survey Corps?
  24. After losing a fight to Eren, what does Annie do to avoid being questioned?
  25. What did Historia call herself to assume a different identity?
  26. How does one go about saluting?
  27. What did Eren do to spark his last argument with his mother?
  28. Who kidnapped Eren eventually?
  29. How many branches are there in the military?
  30. It is possible for humans to become titans.
  31. It is possible for titans to become humans.
  32. What is inside the walls?
  33. Why did Hannah freak out Armin during the Trost rigamaroll?
  34. Why did Sasha become upset with her father?
  35. Rico was charged with treason and executed via firing squad.
  36. Ymir harbors romantic feelings towards Krista.
  37. Nanaba and Marco disliked each other very much.
  38. Who graduated 8th in the Training Corps alongside Eren?
  39. Which real-life location does AoT take place in?
  40. In the 'Junior High' spinoff, why does Annie dislike Eren?
  41. In the same spinoff, what does Armin always carry around, becoming very distressed should they become separated?
  42. As a corporal, Levi would have authority over a given staff sergeant.
  43. You love Attack on Titan!

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