Which Titan Can You Transform Into? (possible spoilers)

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Attack on Titan is a best-selling manga series. Do you want to know which titan you can transform into? There are nine possible results on this quiz, and you will be assigned your best match.

This quiz may contain spoilers if you haven't read the manga.. or if you haven't watched season 2. If you wish to continue then you must have some knowledge of the Nine Titans to answer some of these questions.

Created by: Silver Shihaisaigai
  1. What height would you like your titan to be after transforming?
  2. How much destruction would your titan cause at full power?
  3. How well would your titan be able to escape after destroying important military things? (warehouse of dangerous weapons)
  4. If a large boulder blocked a path for boats that are escaping a city full of titans, how easy would it be to pick the large boulder up and how would you do it? (same size as the one Eren carried)
  5. If the Colossal Titan transformed with the intentions to kill you or blast you far far away from the area you're at, would you be able to withstand it? (Possible full power was enough to destroy most of the Shiganshina District)
  6. Strength? Speed? Stamina? Health? Which do you think would be best to have more than any other of the 9 titans?
  7. Would you like to have the ability to create weapons out of your hardened titan flesh? Hammers, Crossbows, Pillars of spikes.. etc.. ( very stamina taxing)
  8. Would you like to have the ability to cause massive explosions capable of leveling nearly a whole city within seconds? (wouldn't be able to use it more than once a month)
  9. What about the ability to have insane amounts of stamina? (being able to stay in your titan form for over a month without risks)
  10. And how about the ability to be able to crush almost anything with your hands and bite through almost anything? (the titan with this ability will *probably* always be under 10 meters)
  11. Want the ability to crush boulders into small rocks and throw them at super high speeds with great accuracy? (usually a ranged fighter)
  12. Have outstanding endurance and combat skills? (would require several hours of rest after running / fighting for so long)
  13. Would you want the ability to regenerate at insane speeds while in your titan? (only while in titan. Using this ability would result in your human body if damaged, to take longer to heal)
  14. Want the ability to be covered in armor, protecting most of your body from what would be to other shifters, lethal blows? (can regrow the armor you lose but won't be nearly as strong as the first set)
  15. Transforming Eldian people (the ones within the walls) into mindless (pure) titans and controlling them with the size only depending on what you think is fit for the needed transformation. (can't make the person within the titan become human again)
  16. If you had to go up against the Armored titan, how would you defeat it? (think about the fight with Eren vs Reiner in season 2)
  17. You have to go up against the Colossus. How would you defeat it?
  18. Which titan do you like the most? (won't change your result)
  19. Which titan do you dislike the most? (will possibly change your result)
  20. Which titan do you dislike the most? (had to do 2 of the same question due to the 8 answer limit. this will also result in your answer possibly changing)

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Quiz topic: Which Titan can I Transform Into? (possible spoilers)