Would you survive a zombie attack ?

Ever wonder if you can survive a zombie attack ? well , take this quiz and you'll find out if you do survive or die !!! so yeah, take it and you'll know !

Take this quiz to see if you'll survive a zombie attack ! or maybe you'll die ? who knows !? take this quiz and find out if you do survive or die ! ok !

Created by: brooke

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  1. You are in Home Depot and seven people with blood ALL over them and have a few body parts missing are comming towards you-
  2. How do you react to the sight of dark red blood and other gross gooey substances ?
  3. Are you good at moving fast ?
  4. There are to many zombies, you decide you need a break to think so you go in the nearest building. What is it ?
  5. Would you travel alone or in a group and if so , would you be the leader or follower ?
  6. Hungry much ?
  7. You've been bitten !!
  8. Its all over . what do you do ?
  9. uh oh ! theres still two more zombies !
  10. Finally, its over for SURE . :) did you die ?

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