Will you survive a zombie attack?

There are those who kill zombies and those who die by zombies. You either live to see yourself die or die and watch everyone else die. In the end you will die. And if not you sure as hell will be wishing you pulled that trigger of the gun pointed at your head when you had the chance because now you get to watch your self slowly be digested in zombie stomachs.

So will you be the hunter? Or will you be the Hunted? Its your fate not mine. This Quiz however will tell you your fate without you having to endure the pain followed behind the real fate if zombies did attack.

Created by: Maxwell Truax

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  1. If you found out there was a zombie attack in the making,Where would you go?
  2. You get to bring one other person with you,Who will it be?
  3. You can choose one Weapon package and a Physical boost. What shall it be?
  4. Your best friend is bitten he has any where between 1-24 hours,There is a cure however you do not know where it is found,but its not more then a few hours away from your position.
  5. You arrive at a vehicle store, what is the transportation of your choice?
  6. YOu get to pick 1 special trained person, who will it be?
  7. You get to spare life, who will it be?
  8. Pick one of the following Supply Packages
  9. Pick one of the following Survival kits
  10. Where will your final destination be?
  11. What path will you pick to get to your final destination?
  12. What zombies would you rather fight?
  13. You hit something along the trip and you could of swarn it was not a zombie,what do you do?
  14. Once you make it to a town,your low on gas,Supplies, Bullets,and only enough time for one store.
  15. How much do you weigh?
  16. True Or False? You can kill a zombie by snapping its kneck
  17. True or False? YOu burn zombies once there dead
  18. True Or False? The Zombies in Land Of The Dead the zombies left the humans alone at the end.
  19. True or false? Zombies try to eat your brains
  20. True or False? Zombies can get across water
  21. True or false? Zombies only come out at night
  22. True Or False? Dawn Of The Dead was set at a mall
  23. True Or False? The Happening is a zombie movie
  24. True Or False? Blade is a Zombie movie
  25. True or False? Zombies eat dogs
  26. Would you survive a zombie attack?
  27. How many zombie movies have you watched form start to finnish?
  28. How many zombie books have you read start to finnish?
  29. How many zombie games have you played?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a zombie attack?