Are you able to survive a zombie attack?

ok first things are first what is you favorite tv show or newspaper article then you see a small ad or commercial ZOMBIES that's right zombies. the world biggest problem.

try to survive and if you do you will get a speceal treat. but if you don't try again. and use the SUV this time!!! you may survive but you may not (this just a quiz not a real incident)

Created by: Karson
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  1. you get up in the morning what do you do?
  2. while you are watching tv you see a zombie report what do you do?
  3. but first things first do you exercise?
  4. how strong are you?
  5. where is the best place to shoot zombies?
  6. which is the best way to dispose of a dead zombie?
  7. zombies can't climb
  8. zombies can swim
  9. zombies can live under water
  10. how fast do zombies move?
  11. what is the best choice of melee weapon?
  12. what is the best ranged weapon?
  13. can you make an explosive?
  14. can you kill someone?
  15. how are you with blood?
  16. ok your house has been overrun what do you do?
  17. you are forced to flee and you need to travel what do you use?
  18. you get zombies all over your ride and they trash it.what do you do?
  19. you find a group of survivors. what do you do?
  20. you take them in anyway and some of them are family members!you continue on. you see a dead body and you are very hungry do you resort to cannabism?
  21. well i hope to didn't eat him because you see a perkin's resturaunt what do you do?
  22. did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I able to survive a zombie attack?