How much do you know tails doll

So... this quiz has finally came! You know what I mean! THE BEST TAILS DOLL QUIZ EVER! I do not care if this is not perfect or if you made a better tails doll quiz so just suck it up! Now...I will tell you how I got the idea to make this quiz!

So I was just done doing a monster quiz by Mollythedoll when I typed in tails doll and I see a quiz called tails doll apearince and there was no questions like: How was tails doll made...There was just questions like: What do you do when tailsdoll shows up! I mean WTF the that so I made this to ask real tails doll questions!

Created by: MollytheDoll

  1. Who is this a doll of
  2. Who is the girl who keeps this doll
  3. Does tails doll have a real theme song
  4. What game did tails doll apear in
  5. What fan made doll was made because of tails doll
  6. Who made this doll
  7. What does this doll steels
  8. Where did this doll come from
  9. Is tails doll real
  10. How did the curse start
  11. Describes tails doll
  12. What is the famous sayings that tails doll says when you spot him.
  13. Does tails doll kill you when he comes
  14. How do you kill tails doll
  15. Is tails doll really the heartless killer every one says he is
  16. ARe you ready......
  17. TOO DIE!!!!!!
  18. I was just kidding. I meant to say are you ready for your answer

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Quiz topic: How much do I know tails doll