Bount Doll Quiz

So you discovered you are a Bount huh? Bounts have array of abilities that are formed into a doll that is like a ancient creature that will fight for you.

What kind of doll do you have? What kind of abilities does it have? Well you are about to create your own doll and find out what kind of doll you have power over.

Created by: AlienBroStar
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  1. You find yourself alone in a familiar place, tell me where are you?
  2. Which of these do you like to do most on the daily?
  3. You find out that you are immortal and cannot die by old age. With all the time in the world, what do you do first?
  4. You are encountered by a Soul Reaper during your travels, he attacks you without hesitation for some unknown reason. What do you do?
  5. You have successfully defeated or convinced the soul reaper. But everything turned pitch black all of a sudden. You see 6 random doors pop up. Which do you choose to walk through?
  6. Which of these do you feel most of a connection to?
  7. What do you feel you need more of?
  8. All of a sudden you hear a voice coming from somewhere, where is it coming from?
  9. You hear a strange voice coming from somewhere, where is it coming from?
  10. When you find the source of the voice it becomes more clear on what it is saying, "Greetings Bount, I have been keeping an eye on you for quite a while. Are you ready to create your own power? You reply, "Yes, I want ______." Choose the word that you want as your answer.

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