Does He like me??

Does he like you as a friend or mabey more? Take THIS quiz and find out you never know what the answer might be. But a way to a man's heart is being yourself and not a barbie doll.

So PLEASE take my quiz to get your fabulous results, hope it's what your looking for and remember that it's your life so take control of it. After all what do you have to lose?

Created by: Louise

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  1. Does he always stare at you, then when you look he looks away?
  2. When he is standing in a group with you does he only talk to you and other guys but ignores other girls?
  3. When he first see's you does he:
  4. Do your conversations start by:
  5. You are both at the same party when the flirtiest guy in school starts paying full attention to you. When your crush notices that you are this guy's target for the evening he...
  6. You've been sick at home for over a week and are back at school for the first time. When your crush sees you standing at your locker he...
  7. When you look at him, what does he do?
  8. What is his body language like when he's around you or talking to you?
  9. How do his friends treat you?
  10. More about his behavior around you:

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