How Well Do You Know Barbie Movies?

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Barbie movies have been part of my life since I was really little. I've carried my love for them throughout my entire childhood up to now. They are fun, cute, funny, have good values, and are very nostalgic.

Wanna test your knowledge on Barbie movies? Here's a fun quiz I made for people to see how much they remember about these awesome movies. I hope you do well!

Created by: DONUT GIRL
  1. What was the first ever Barbie movie?
  2. Which Barbie movie features the song "Right Here In My Arms"?
  3. Which character made this quote: "You never know what you can do unless you try"?
  4. In Princess Charm School, what was the name of Blair Willows' little sister?
  5. What two camps faced off in a singing competition in Rock 'n Royals?
  6. What did Anneliese discover in the royal mine in The Princess and the Pauper?
  7. Which of these characters was not portrayed by Barbie?
  8. What song played during the end credits of Swan Lake?
  9. Complete this quote: "(BLANK) lets you fly."
  10. Who was the villain in "Magic of Pegasus"?
  11. Princess Graciella's eyes turn which color after she drinks the love potion in "A Fairy Secret"?
  12. What year was "The Three Musketeers" released?
  13. Which of these songs was not featured in "The Secret Door"?
  14. Okay, last question: What is the name of the dragon Rapunzel is friends with in "Rapunzel"?

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