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Allissa, Firey_Soul, GreenEyedAng3l, whatever you wanna be called, you are EPIC! So epic that the word epic doesn't even begin to describe your epicness. And that totally made sense.

*sings* Barbie eat a sandwich before you die! Barbie eat a sandwich give it a try! Barbie eat a sandwich to survive! Barbie eat a sandwich! Barbie eat a sandwich! Or just an apple. *quits singing* After you take this quiz get your butt on youtube and look up Barbie Eat a Sandwich by Care Bears on Fire, and before that take my quiz You HAVE to listen to this band! Well, what are you waiting for child? Go!

Created by: SecretlyUnspoken

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  1. Attention: If you have not read Never Alone/ Paranormal Love Alternate Ending by GreenEyedAng3l, then your presence on this quiz is strictly prohibited. (In other words, please get off this quiz).
  2. The whole time I was reading Never Alone I cried and screamed "WHAT?!" Until my mom screamed back "Shut up!" Moms are so annoying! >:(
  3. Poor Allissa! Poor Anythony! Stupid vampire hunters! I know it's all fictional, but not to me it isn't! *tears up*
  4. Your writing skills: EPIC! :D
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