Epic Underverse (Reader Insert)

I hope that you enjoy this! It makes me happy that you are interested in reading my book :) You've made my day! And I'm sorry this is terribly written...

This is based off of the Epic Underverse Dub by ManiaKnight on YouTube (Comics by Jakei)Make sure to check out my other accounts on Wattpad and Quotev! I go by the username NerdyQueenOfFandom!

Created by: NerdyQueen of this site
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  1. A void. a blank, white void. It stretched out before you like a snowy terrain. This was all too familiar to you. It was the same dream very. Single. Night. Just... A blanket of white, that covered this seemingly endless background. You tried to speak...But nothing came. Your lips moved but no words emerged. 'this routine again?' You thought to yourself, your head getting sore from counting all of the times you've awoken in these empty abysses and lost dimensions. 'might as well get this over with.'
  2. You took your first few steps forward. It echoed similarly to Th€ f|θθR tθ Th€ Jμdg€M€Ωt ha|| a freshly polished floor. The echoes of your shoes hitting the white reflective surface you paid no heed to. It was tiring after listening to your footsteps and nothing else. These dreams lasted for hours. You, walking and walking and walking in this void until you woke up again. Odd, unexplainable happenings occurred in these sorts of dreams. You couldn't talk, you couldn't remember what your life was like before you fell asleep. Unaccountable times you've fell into this void and waited for hours until waking.
  3. You expected nothing less than the usual. But something different would happen this time, you had a feeling. Your footsteps ceased as you heard a sound other than your own, echoing in this blank canvas of a universe... Who else could possibly be here with you?
  4. "...?" Your curiosity was peaked after seeing a boy. Looking about your age. He was faced away from you, his slow yet calm breathing echoed just like your footsteps. It was relaxing to listen to. The boy's pure white hair matched his surroundings perfectly, as it moved as if a gentle breeze was playing with the tufts. Despite there being no wind or the lightest of breezes blowing through. You tried again to speak to the boy, to ask him where you were or how you got here. "Your voice can't be heard in this place." The boy stated, still facing away from you. His voice was that of a teenager's. The expression on his face was unreadable.
  5. "You don't have to introduce yourself. I know who you are. You are (Your name), and you are living in a true pacifist timeline." The boy explained. How did he know your name? Panic greedily seized your body, something was wrong and you knew it. This boy's demeanor was not friendly, even if he hadn't done anything exactly threatening yet. You tried to move away, but your feet stayed glued into place. Why wouldn't your body listen to you?
  6. He shook his head giving a small, unsettling chuckle. "Dude, it has to be great having monsters and humans living together on the surface." Monsters? Humans? What was he talking about? "Your brother...your friends...even you. Everyone is so happy, aren't they?" Your... Brother? He died so long ago... How did he know!? What was going on!? (Sorry, if you don't have a brother. Lol)
  7. "There's no need to fight ever again, right?" The boy asked. "There's no need to use your powers now, right?" The boy's hand clenched into a fist. Something was defiantly wrong. "After all, nobody going to hurt you." The boy slowly rose to his feet, still turned away from you. You wanted so badly to run. To get away from here. To wake up.
  8. "Do you understand what I'm trying to say?" The boy's face was still unreadable. "Oh, don't worry. Your timeline won't change when you- ...well..." A loud short silence rung out before he took another breath to continue his spiel. "Let's just say no one will notice anything's different when you're gone..." Anger boiled within you. Just who was this kid, anyway?! More importantly, how did he know so much about you? Your expression tightened with anger. "Because.I.Am.You!"
  9. The boy turned slightly towards you, revealing a glowing white eye beneath his hair. A creepy smile etched into his features. The background flashed black and white before your figure turned dark, revealing a (Favorite color) heart over your chest. You'd had just about enough with this kid and his tricks. You charged at the boy with killer intent, and the creepy smile on his face disappeared and was replaced with one of worry and fear.
  10. You tackled him to the ground, swinging your hardest punches at his face as he kept dodging at an astounding speed. Finally, you grip the collar of the boy's hoodie and aim a hard punch at his face that would be sure to knock him out cold. "Hey, wait! Calm down! I was j-just joking with you!" His arms wave frantically and a nervous smile is spread across his face. He sweatdrops as he tries to become submissive all of a sudden. Who knew you could be so intimidating when you were mad?
  11. Your grip on his collar tightens and you give him an expression that was sure to send a clear message of anger straight to him. And it works. His pale face turns to absolute terror. "N-no! H-hear me out!" You give a silent scoff. Why should you listen to him? Of all people? He threatened you. He set his hand on top of your fist wich was still clenched on his hoodie. You expected his hand to feel cold for some reason, but no. It felt warm and gentle. "...Please..." He breathed, as he looked up at you with his pleading eyes.
  12. You hesitated a moment, before releasing his hoodie, and setting him down. Maybe he had something interesting to say. "I just...I just want to be happy before I die...I only have one day left to live..." He explained solemnly, rubbing his arm. He stepped back from you, viewing both his hands. One day left to live? Why? You had so many questions you wanted to ask him. "I don't have anyone else. Please... Let me spend time with our loved ones." A part of you felt he was lying like he was faking it. Your intuition was never wrong. And this pathetic sob-story or explanation couldn't convince you otherwise.
  13. You turned your eyes back up to him and they met his magnetic white ones, they were very pretty. "Let me stay in your timeline for a while." Timeline? Monsters and humans? Powers? What? This was BS, this was just a dream. You knew one thing was for sure though, and that was that you'd never drink coffee before bed again. Your brain has to stop making up these crazy stories. "I won't hurt anyone, and-" The boy never got to finish his sentence before you whirled around and started walking away. 'sorry charlie, I'm going home.' You thought to yourself as you walked confidently away. "HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING? I HAVEN'T FINISHED YET!" The boy shouted after you, a visible vein popping in his forehead.
  14. You ignored him, as you kept taking steps away from him. You suddenly felt something tugging at your chest... You couldn't move. Glancing down, you see the (Favourite color) soul, it slung you backward and slammed you against the floor. Everything flashed brightly, blinding you for a few, short moments as you gasped in pain and clutched your heart. What was this? An H.P. bar appeared next to you. 0.5/1 That attack took half of your health! You were on your knees, clutching the one half of your (Favourite color) soul.
  15. You didn't even know what to call it. A skeleton stood in front of you, an evil grin plastered on his face. You glanced around, searching for where the boy might have dissapeared to. But to no avail. In his outstretched hand, drifted half of a soul, your soul. "Never let your guard down." The skeleton's eyes drifted up and met yours. "Maybe you should listen to Undyne when she gives you advice." Who is Undyne? Your head was swimming in these questions. You opened your mouth to speak, only for a sharp pain to pierce through your chest. "I just wanted a few minutes, but now your selfishness has given me many years to live!" The skeleton's eyes turned black and his expression, dark. "That was much easier than being nice to you, huh?" You tried to scream, but once again no sound came. You clutched your throat, what was happening? Why weren't you waking up from the dream this time?
  16. "With this part of your soul." The skeleton continued, as the white void melted away and a beautiful forest of your home appeared. "I can have a new, bright life in your universe." Tears fell down your cheeks, as you gazed up at him. You were silently pleading him. You didn't know what his plan was, you just knew it wasn't good for your home. Your parents... Your sibling... Your family... What was he going to do to them!? More tears fell from your (Eye color) orbs. His gaze softened when he saw them. He placed a boney finger under your chin, forcing you to look up at him. "C'mon (Your name). Don't look at me like that. I'm just giving you a looong break that will last." He closed his fist. "Forever."
  17. He began to laugh, glitching between the young boy you met earlier and the skeleton. Both harboring similar looks to each other. He raised his closed fist over your head, threatening to kill you. You squeezed your eyes shut in response, waiting for the hit to come. "...""....""....!"But it never did.
  18. You opened your eyes to see another skeleton standing in front of you protectively, separating the other skeleton with the hood from you. The hooded skeleton stumbled back, covering his face and groaning in pain. 'He must've gotten hit.' You decided before gazing up at the skeleton who saved you in curiosity. He held a huge paintbrush and his style of clothing was rather... Colorful. "You will never find happiness in someone else's timeline, C!" C? Was that really his name? C? The skeleton had disappeared and a boy had returned, angrily wiping away a stroke of rainbow paint across his face. "YOU AGAIN!? GET LOST! Or I'm gonna destroy this timeline forever! No more of your pacifist crap!" The boy screamed, keeping the half of your soul tightly in his hand.
  19. "Stop fooling around, C. Give them their soul back, and then we can go home, ok?" C stopped you saw a glint of remorse in his eyes before he shook his head. "GET LOST NOW." C warned, his demeanor turned dark, and he pulled unappealing white spikes seemingly out of nowhere. "Oh, are you serious?" The colorful skeleton's blue and yellow-star eyes glimmered with creativity. He closed his eyes and shook his head. "Welp, you asked for it." He took his paintbrush out of a sheath on his back. (Your name), stay behind me. I'll try to make this quick." C charged forward, prepared to make his hit.
  20. The colorful skeleton quickly dodged the attack and sent a thorough swipe across C's chest, leaving another rainbow streak. C, in fury, sent two sharp spikes gouging out of the ground, desperate to meet anyone's doom. One*misstwo*missThe colorful skeleton smiled proudly after successfully dodging the two attacks from C. "I guess it's my turn now." He tapped his paintbrush on his boney hand, ready to execute his attack.
  21. He charged. The leftovers from his attack were a paint-covered C and a smirking skeleton. C growled in frustration. "STOP DOING THAT!" The skeleton laughed. "Heheheh, I warned ya! Besides, you gotta admit this is fun!" Suddenly, his soul flashed blue and his quirky smile disappeared. He was lifted up into the air. You turned to find the source. C's hand was lifted upwards, seeming to control the unseen force.
  22. "I don't care if I kill you, Ink...Not anymore." Your eyes moved from 'Ink' to C as you watched in horror. "Did you really think you could get your stupid paintbrush to stop me? HAHA! All of you are so WEAK!" "If I were you, I wouldn't say that." Ink countered. C's eyes widened in confusion. "There's something called 'Creativity and Strategy'. Ink snapped his fingers, causing a small spark to emit from them for a split second. Suddenly the paint C was covered in transformed into chains, they tightened around his body, despite his struggles. "WHAT!? NOO!!" "Sans! now!" Ink yelled. Almost instantly, a bone-cage trapped C, who had a shocked, fearful expression on his face. Another skeleton, the one whom you assumed was 'Sans' appeared in front of you. What was even going on anymore? Sans spoke in a low, lazy tone. "Look bud, I dunno what's happening, but you don't belong here. You gotta stop this. Now." C stayed silent, gripping his sleeve in frustration.
  23. "Please, give (Your name) their soul back. I'm sure this artist me will help ya." Ink stepped forward. "C, I promise everything will be ok... Let's go home... We'll find a better way to-" "I just don't want to die..." C cut Ink off, who had reformed from the boy into the skeleton once again. "I just... I need..." A glitch tore through C causing him to shift back into the boy and a less-deeper voice. "WE NEED OUR OWN UNIVERSE!" The boy looked absolutely insane. His white hair was a mess, his white pupils were shaking with excitement, and his smile was more evil than ever. You felt something drifting through the air. Determination. How could you tell what it was? How could you sense it? "NO! WAIT!" Ink shouted before C dissipated into thin air. Only leaving a trail of smoke and ash behind.
  24. You and two strange skeletons whom you had never met before where left in utter and awkward silence, except for the chirping birds and rustle of wind blowing through the grass. Ink let out an awkward chuckle. "This is bad." Sans only nodded lazily. You coughed, bringing both of the skeleton's attention to you. "Oh! Right, (Your name)!" Sans walked over to you holding out his hand. "You ok, kiddo? You look really shaken up." Genuine concern showed in his eyes. "I'm fine." You took Sans's hand before feeling your throat, realizing you could talk. "But I have so many questions.." You trailed off. "And we have answers." Ink assured you. He sat down, patting the grass. "We have a lot to talk about."

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