Sans AU sleepover

You are invited to an AU sleepover with me(Andrea) and the sanses. Here are the sanses that will come: Classic(my older brother) from Undertale, Fell(Red) from Underfell, Blueberry(Blue) from Underswap, Dream and Nightmare from Dreamtale, Ink(Squid) from Inktale and Error from Errortale

Here are some things that you may not understand: •The groups - The bad guys: Fell, Nightmare and Error; The star sanses: Blue, Dream and InkMe and Classic are a duo •Papyrus - Sans's little brother (he is older than me tho)•UT - Undertale

Created by: Itz_Elys7813

  1. You're in front of my house. You ring the bell. A little blue skeleton opens door. He says his name is Blueberry.
  2. When you step in your greeted by me, Fell, Classic, Error, Ink, Dream and Nightmare. Introduce yourself.
  3. After that Blue goes cooking, Ink and dream start drawing, the bad guys do something in the corner. Me and Classic have a pun war. Who will you join?
  4. We seat to eat. There are tacos, spaghetti(from UT Papyrus), meat and fries. What do you eat
  5. After we finished we play truth or dare. It's my turn and I choose you. What do you choose ?
  6. We finished playing and now we wanna watch a movie. What is your choice
  7. We watch "My hero academy" no matter what you choose. A star show is going to start in a few minutes. Are you coming ?
  8. It's cold outside so you wanna cuddle in someone. Who is it ?
  9. We are about to go inside when I realize that I've lost my necklace. What do you do ?
  10. We couldn't find it. I start walking inside. I say I'm fine but I look like I'm going to start crying. You...
  11. We go to sleep. Where and with who do you sleep ?
  12. On the next day all of the sanses leave except Classic. We ask you: Welp did ya enjoy your stay here ?

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