Which AU Sans are you?

Hello! Welcome to "Which AU Sans are you". You could get Geno, Classic, Error, Ink, Lust, Blueberry, Dream or Nightmare Sans! Are the questions (except for the last one) correlate with the quiz.

In this quiz I will ask you questions correlating with the personality of the Sans. If you would like to get a more honest answer, answer truthfully instead of guessing the one that will get you what you want to get. Anyways, hope you enjoy! :D

Created by: Kairi Tatsu
  1. Hello! Welcome to the first question! The cliche one shall be first. Favorite color?(Out of these)
  2. How do you describe yourself?
  3. How do others describe you? Show your friend or sibling this question.
  4. What do you enjoy wearing?
  5. What color magic?
  6. Which of the words below appeal to you?
  7. Which if the features appeal to you?
  8. Love or LOVE?
  9. Who is your favorite ship out of the ones below?
  10. Favorite Universe out of these:
  11. Favorite Undertale Character?
  12. Star Sanses or Bad Sanses
  13. If you could have an ability out of the ones below but, there was a draw back, which would you take.
  14. Fate? Please choose and let your destiny unravel....
  15. Which of the following hobbies do you do?
  16. I'm done with the quiz any final words?

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Quiz topic: Which AU Sans am I?