Nightmare- Ch. 1

There are many fairy tales about magical dream lands you visit when you fall asleep. Some are filled with fairies, some have wizards. Believe me, Nightmare is one you would not like to visit.

Greedy kings, walking corpses, a mysterious orginization, and one way to get out-- Waking up. Nightmare is a purely demonic land that you have found yourself stuck in. Let's hope you can get out alive.

Created by: Evan
  1. You wake up in a dark room, with your head throbbing. A small cut is slit across your wrist, and blood is slowly leaking out. You can barely make out broken glass on the other side of the room. You also feel a lighter in your pocket.
  2. You bring out the small pocket lighter, and luckily it still works. The small stream of blood across your hand starts trickling down your arm. You make out a body across the room.
  3. The body slowly turns around and stands up. It sways and shakes, and you can tell it's a man. It looks up at you in the eyes and you see the skin on it's head is burned away. It lunges at you, and grabs your arm.
  4. You manage to get away from the body. It is now standing up straight and clenching it's fists. You run to the wall and realize it's some sort of jail cell, with rusty iron bars blocking your escape.
  5. The body grabs your neck and clenches you like a cup. He stares at you in the eyes. The blood from your wrist is now flooding out in globs of red liquid. You start to feel weak.
  6. The blood suddenly shoots upwards, and stays intact as it swings around in the air. It forms a dark red scythe, and it slices the head of the man. He slowly drops to the ground, staring you in the eye the whole time.The cut on your wrist then patches up The lighter falls out past the metal bars. The light gives a brief impression of some kind of jail.
  7. You hear footsteps approaching the soft light of the lighter. You briefly panick as to what you're going to do.
  8. You hear mumbling as somebody picks up the lighter and tosses it into your cell. The figure then stops and sees the dead body and the blood around it's neck. It kicks the body to the side and grabs you by the arm. "How did you kill this ReincarKnight?!"
  9. The figure (who you know know is a woman) angrily throws you across the room. "I'm going to have to tell the D 'bout this one. Don't. Move."
  10. Hey, this is Evan, I hope you liked this thing I just decided to do, if you like it tell me some way or other and I'll make more!

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