How well do you know your Nightmare On Elm Street?

Some people may not know many things. this just might be something they DO know. So....are you take a test determining your knowledge on Nightmare on Elm Street?

I just wanted to wish you all good luck on this test and I hope that you enjoy taking it very much. Hopefully, you WILL enjoy taking this test. ENJOY!

Created by: Benjamin
  1. When was the Nightmare On Elm Street remake made?
  2. Who plays Freddy Krueger in Nightmare On Elm Street?
  3. Which other slasher films killer did Freddy face in one of his movies?
  4. Who directed Nightmare On Elm Street?
  5. Where can you see Freddy?
  6. What horror film was Nightmare On Elm Street made four years before?
  7. Who was the first victim in Nightmare On Elm Street?
  8. Which teenager survives in Nightmare On Elm Street?
  9. What is Freddy's main weapon?
  10. What is one of Freddy's weaknesses?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Nightmare On Elm Street?