Miracle on 34th Street Trivia

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Do you love the movie "Miracle on 34th street"? Do you think the original is so much better than the remake? Well, you're in luck, because this trivia quiz is dedicated to the 1940s version of the classic.

I watch this movie every year, multiple times, at Christmas. I hope you view it as as much of a classic as it truly is. So enjoy! Its time to put your knowledge to the test!

Created by: Annamarie Belle
  1. At the start of the movie, Kris Kringle tells a shopkeeper that he is making a mistake with the...
  2. Mrs. Walker meets Kris Kringle when he steps in for the other Santa Claus in the parade. Why did he need to replace the other Santa Claus?
  3. What is the department store Mrs. Walker works for?
  4. Susan Walker doesn't believe in Santa Claus because...
  5. Where is Susan's father during most of the movie?
  6. Where did Susan address her letter to Santa Claus?
  7. What grade is Susan in?
  8. When Susan writes her letter to Santa Claus, what does Mrs. Walker write on the bottom of the note?
  9. What is Fred's relationship to Susan and Mrs. Walker?
  10. What feature does Susan want her house to have?
  11. What does the post office worker say when he sees Susan's letter?
  12. Does Mrs. Walker kiss Fred at the end?
  13. Does Kris Kringle spend Christmas Eve with the Walkers?
  14. And finally, is Kris Kringle finally declared to be Santa Claus?

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