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This is the remake of the original but still by PeculiarGirl1. Who is your bachelor? Compare the person you got originally to the person you got now! Enjoy

Hey guys! I have rewritten this quiz because the other one is complete S**t so don't think I am another person doing a remake even though their's could be awesome to. You never know. Enjoy

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. It has been 2 weeks since Miss Peregrine and her orphaned children saved you from being captured by the hollowgast and it felt you have known them for your whole life. You were flying with Emma holding he hand so she didn't fly out of this world. Emma looked sickly pale. "You alright?" you asked quietly. "Yeah, just never been this high..."you smiled and decided to float down softly back to earth. Your dressed flipped up a bit as you feet came back to earth. You saw Jacob blushing as he stared at you while he tied the rope around Emma's waist. You blushed a little and looked down.
  4. You walked sheepishly away to go and find Claire and the twins. It was time for your annual bookclub with the juniors and Millard volunteered to help you even though you had everything under controll you allowed him to be your un needed assistant.
  5. Afterwards you went to find Fiona to see if how she was coping with the plants screaming as they melted away in the drought. Just as you reached her and Olive, someone or something picked you up by the waist. You screamed and whacked the predator in the face witth your giant wings. It was Enoch. You blushed and then growled "Watch it or the nose will be broken for sure."Enoch left out a chuckle. 'Comon, it was just a joke! Hey I have to borrow you for a second it is really important."With out an answer he grabbed you put you over his shoulder and carried inside. "I have feet you know?" "Don't care beside you can't deny that you like it."You may have been facing the other way but you know he was blushing.
  6. He sat you down on a chair in his study and put a heart into one of his dolls. Sliding his earmuffs on he shouted. "I'm doing an experiment. All you have to do is use your voice. Becuase you have a sirens power!" You nodded and tried but nothing worked. He looked dissapointed but smiled softly "Interesting, very interesting. You are dismissed. "Thank you Mr Enoch!" The last thing you heard was his grunt. "I'm not a teacher!" You mimicked him. "You can't deny you like it!"he chuckled
  7. Ms Peregrine called you for dinner and you sat next to Hugh. When you made the slightest contact he flinched and blushed. Everyone was joining and argument of popcorn or hot cocoa for you anual movie night. "What do you think, ______?"
  8. You eneded up having both. Everyone got dressed in there night gowns and of course Millard was in the invisble nood. He and Jacob swiftly sat next to both you sides and squished you. Ms Peregrine scolded Millard to put some clothes on; in the end Millard ended up dressing. As he left Enoch rushed to your side. Even after Millard hit him and screamed "IT'S MY SPOT!"Enoch shrugged and Millard had no other choice but to sit next to Olive who sincerely promised not to burn him.
  9. Halfway through the movie you couldn't keep your eyes open any longer so you slid your head onto jacob's shoulder and you could tell he blushed. A little while after you felt yourself being hoisted into someones arms that took you to your room. You didn't know who it was until he said something reminding, "Night, Birdie,"It was Jacob with that stupid nickname he gave you from the day you met.
  10. You woke up early to give yourself a flight. You took about an hour flight aroung the Island of Cairnholm. When you came back and landed swiftly you saw Jacob taking aiming practice. You decided to go scare him and you did. "Holy Sh**, Birdie! I could have killed you!""But you wouldn't....would you?" He didn't answer. There was a deafening scream from the house and you both went to see what was wrong. When you went inside everyone was gone, except Enoch and Millard who were trying to defend themselves from what seemed like air. Whatever it was you couldn't tell until Jacob shot it. "Where are the others?"Jacob demmanded. "They took them," Millard replied shakily. "They?""Wights and Hollows flooded the house when you were doing god knows what!" Enoch shouted. You looked at hoim scared "Sorry I didn't..." "It's alright you cut him off. "We need to save them!" Jacob explained. "Do you know where they went?" "They said something about Australia, Valentines Day 1900, Victoria... Something about hanging rock?""s---" you exclaimed. "What?" "That's the day 3 girls and a teacher went missing. Whatever happened to them, happens to Miss Pererine and the others." "We have to go!"Jacob…
  11. You starte dyour journey and thanks to Abe's loop map the journey was going to be more effiecent.

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