Are you an expert on the 2019 Aladdin movie?

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Do you love the new remake of Disney's Aladdin? I hope so, because in my opinion it is one of Disney's best. If you want to test your Aladdin knowledge, then this quiz is for you.

Warning: it is very hard if you haven't seen the remake in a while! Also, you have to have seen the remake, because most of the questions don't work if you have only seen the old one. Enjoy!

Created by: Annamarie Belle
  1. Over the course of the movie, how many different costumes does Jasmine wear?
  2. What costume is Jasmine wearing during the magic carpet scene?
  3. When Aladdin meets the genie in the cave of wonders, what is the first thing Aladdin says to the genie?
  4. In the movie, who does the genie have a crush on?
  5. What does the genie say is his greatest wish?
  6. Does Jasmine meet Aladdin before or after she meets the foreign prince?
  7. Where does the foreign prince say he is from?
  8. True or false. Hakeem forces Jasmine to marry him.
  9. At the beginning of the movie, where are the mariner and his wife and children?
  10. What are their two children's names?
  11. How many wishes was Aladdin supposed to have, and how many did he actually get?
  12. What character is played by actor/rapper Will Smith?
  13. In the movie, what does Jafar try to charm the Sultan into doing at first?
  14. What is Dalia's relationship to Jasmine?
  15. How many costumes does Dalia wear throughout the movie?
  16. When the genie and Dalia begin their stroll, what is the first thing Dalia says to him?
  17. True or false. Until the last half hour of the movie, Dalia and Jasmine do not know that the genie is a genie.
  18. After Aladdin's impressive dance at the party, does Jasmine dance with him?
  19. Last question. What becomes of Jafar?

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Quiz topic: Am I an expert on the 2019 Aladdin movie?