Are You A Disney Expert Part 2

There are many so-called disney experts.But,do you really think they all are?No!So, find out if your a disney expert.I'll tell you how in the paragraph below.Oh, and don't forget to try my next quiz out.It's called Are You A Disney Expert Part 3.But, it's not out yet.It will be by June 9th 2012.

Are YOU a disney epert.Yes.No.Maybe so?Take this quiz to find out.Answer all the questions then see your result at the end.And this quiz is challenging.So, challenge yourself and take it!Good luck!You'll need it.

Created by: Calysta221
  1. In the movie Hercules how many ghoul like creatures,that can kill you by cutting a strand of their hair, are there?
  2. What movie features a newborn baby,a helpful beaver,and a persistent dog catcher?
  3. The Blue Fairy is from what movie?
  4. In the movie Jungle Book,who hypnotizes Mowgli
  5. In the movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids,what kind of insect plucks Nick Szalinski out of a pollen-filled flower?
  6. In what movie does an exasperated teenager exclaim "i'm being carjacked by my own car!"?
  7. Name the movie in which a girl named Casey tells her skater friend Gen,"The computer doesn't make the jumps.You do."
  8. Which disney character from Homeon the Rangs is NOT a cow?
  9. In Monster Inc.,whom does Mike try flatter by calling her "my tender,oozing blossom"?
  10. What is the name of the hot-headed villain with 2 sidekicks know as Pain and Panic
  11. What lovable,silly old bear frequently sighs and say "Oh,bother"
  12. What movie features a mouse tell his rather large friend "Don't look now,but I think we're up in a tree!"
  13. What character from Sword in the Stone turns into a cat,a rhino,and a crocodile?
  14. In Around the World in 80 days,Phileas Fog has a chinease valet who claims to be nationality...
  15. What movie are the characters Russell,Rusty,and Sam?
  16. what are Cyril Proudbottom,Samson,and Bullseye?
  17. Which of these movies are NOT set in France?
  18. Who plays Jack Frost in The Santa Clause 3?
  19. Whom does the White Witch refer to as "The Great Cat"?
  20. Who falls in love with Faline?

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