How well do you know Disneyland, CA?

Think you know everything about Disneyland in California, well then your in for the ultimate disney quiz, EVER!!! Discover facts, and mostly, get more knowledge!

Think your the Disneyland expert. Well in a few minutes, you'll see if you've got what it takes to be a disney expert. Look at the questions, and pick the best answer!

Created by: Crocodiles Rule!
  1. What year did Disneyland open?
  2. What month did Disneyland open in?
  3. What was the first big thrill ride at Disneyland?
  4. How fast does Space Mountain go?
  5. How high is The Tower of Terror at California Adventure?
  6. Where was Walt Disney born?
  7. What year did Disneys California Adventure open?
  8. What is the fastest ride in Disneyland?
  9. What was the rocket by Pizza Port originally used for?
  10. What two attractions in Disneyland open in 1959?
  11. What two Disneyland attractions are redesigned for Halloween?
  12. Which of the two attractions are not only redesigned for Halloween, but also for Christmas?
  13. How high is the Matterhorn Mountain at Disneyland?
  14. What city in California is where Disneyland is?
  15. What was the longest line in Disneyland and what attraction was it for?
  16. How many lands are in Disneyland?
  17. What was California Adenture originally?
  18. What does California Adventure celebrate in the spring?
  19. What year did The Tower of Terror open?
  20. What transports people from the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure to the park entrence?
  21. In Walt Disney World in Flordia, which park has Soarin' from California Adventure?
  22. In Disneyland, Walt Disney had his first idea for Space Mountain in 1965, but what year did the attraction open?
  23. What year did Space Mountain get refirbished?
  24. Which attraction is NOT in Disneyland?
  25. What ride use to go through The Matterhorn?
  26. The Matterhorn was the first ________ roller coaster in the world. Fill in the blank.
  27. What ride in California Adventure is gone today?
  28. How many lands where in California Adventure on opening day?
  29. Have you ever been to Disneyland or California Adventure?
  30. What planet did the original Star Tours go to?
  31. What attraction in Tomorrowland was added during the 50th anniversary?
  32. What was the cost of addmission to Disneyland on opening day?
  33. What is the theme of Disneyland today?
  34. What was Walt Disney's original idea for Jungle Cruise?
  35. What thrill ride opened in Disneyland, in 1995?
  36. What attraction is in the lagoon next to Matterhorn?
  37. What was the original idea for Pirates of the Caribbean?
  38. Splash Mountain took ______ months of construction, plus landscaping to complete. Fill in the blank.
  39. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Disneyland, CA?