What Disneyland Ride Is Right For you?

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Imagine a world at Disneyland you got to go in for free.Explore Disneyland and fonts also forget about all of the shows like fantastmic!Also have a dream at there Disneyland hotel!

At Disneyland there is so much lands and rides to chose from you can't have a favorite!If you were to be one ride even that includes California adventures you could not choose.this quiz will choose for you.

Created by: Isabella
  1. To start this is my first quiz ever so to start what is your favorite color?
  2. Now what is your favorite animal/pet.
  3. What is the best way to travel?
  4. What is your thing
  5. Are you a girl or boy
  6. What is your favorite land
  7. What is your favorite hobby
  8. What is your favorite shape
  9. What part of family is the finest to you
  10. To rap it up what present would you rather have

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