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Hmm. Are you a Disneyland freak? Come on! Take the quiz!!!! It's fun, and it's short!!! Plus I'm bored and I want to see how much you know about the Happiest Place on Earth!

Are you a true Disneyland freak? Do you know enough to take my quiz??? Oh, so you have decided to! Well, good luck!!!!! Have fun!!!!! Takeing my quiz!!!!

Created by: riri

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  1. When did Disneyland open?
  2. Is Main Streets ground red?
  3. Does the stretching room stretch? Or does is move?
  4. What year is Disneylands time capsle supposed to open?
  5. Going back to haunted Mansion because I forgot this. What happens when you turn sharply around and slide down a steep hill?
  6. Do cats live in Disneyland?
  7. What castle is at Disneyland?
  8. Did the 20,000 Leuages under the Sea have real mermaids?
  9. Did the Jungle Cruise aklmost have live animals?
  10. Where are the People Mover carts?
  11. Where are the Rocket Rods?

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