How well do you know Disneyland Paris? =O x

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Yo, people of..., the earth?, i made this quiz cause im a Disney geek and i LOVEEEE DLP :), i go there so much, i plan to work there actually :), so i hope you enjoy and good luck ;D! x

OK, so how mcuh do you know about DLP?, now dw if you get a low score :), just cause somebody gets higher than you, dont mean they have more Disney Spirit than you :D. Enjoy and plz rate anc comment :) x

Created by: Sugarali
  1. What date did Disneyland Paris open for the world? :)
  2. What is the parks name now? :)
  3. What was Discoveryland'z, origanal name? :)
  4. What type of golden creature, are on the castle? :)
  5. How many ridez are in Adventureland? :)
  6. TRUE or FALSE? Les Pirouettes du Vieux Moulin, was a ride built as an 'Add on' to peoplez amusment at the park, but is now closed and remainz just a decoration, as it was considerd time wasting to move do to its inside massive gearz which would take a while to unbuild?
  7. What ride in the Walt Disney Studious Park, set on fire a few yearz back, and damaged the roof, but unharmed the ride. Also, about 120 guest where evacuated and it took firefighters over 4 hours to extinguish the fire?
  8. How many people on average visit the resort every year? :) (me: the ammount is always getting higher), but lol, on average..
  9. What attraction just got installed, with .... ........ (me: its there name blanked out lol ^^) origanal voice from the movies and a character that looks like him?
  10. What hotel is at the entrace of the park? :)
  11. Did ThunderMountain shut down in 2008, due to, what they thought to be majoy problemz with the ceiling, but the turned out minor and were fixed within a month? :)
  12. Which one of these festialz, is not one that was/will be celibrated at Disneyland Paris? :)
  13. Is it true, that one of the new rides coming to the resort, will be a new type of ride, based on the film Ratatouille?
  14. TRUE or FALSE. The castles bridge just got refurbusished and done up last year? :)
  15. Is it true that the Twiloght Zone Of Terror, was origanaly going to be a few inches higher, but couldnt be due to the law, of low flying air craft and etc? :o
  16. Where is the actual Haunted Mansion ride? :)
  17. Are the waterpoolz on the que for ThunderMountain, that you can throw coins in and make wishes? :D
  18. What shape are the tree'z cut, that surround the castle? :)
  19. Has Space Mountain ben upgraded since its origanal opening? :)
  20. Ok, last question, who'z castle, is it? :)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Disneyland Paris? =O x